Every Merge/Purge Offers You Complete, Extensive Reports For Analysis

The merge/purge process is one of the most significant data processing functions a direct consumer-append11marketing business tackles. It’s clear with rising paper, postage and list costs that there’s never been a more important time to make sure you’re getting the most out of your merge/purge and list work. Continue reading


Benefits of Customized Merge/Purge

The term “merge/purge,” though frequently tossed around by direct marketers, is often both misunderstood and underused. Direct marketers have a lot to gain from Eclipse_Direct_Marketing_Email_Merge_Purgeunderstanding its many specialized facets and how project-level or customized merge/purge can put them in command of making their data achieve virtually any goal. It is important to remember that merge/purge is a general term that covers three basic processes: Continue reading

Five tips for getting the most out of your merge/purge

1.Segment as much as you can while maintaining measurable cell sizes.
Short of applying statistics for valid and reliable segment sizes, you can apply the Rule of data_cleaning_img02100s to setting cell sizes. This rule essentially suggests that to get a meaningful and repeatable result from a segment, you would like to be able to get 100 orders for that segment. This means that if you expect a 2 percent response from a segment, you would need to mail at least 5,000 names in that segment. Continue reading