Email Marketing List Management Best Practices

MonstrInvestor-отчет.pngEmail marketing is an essential tool for your inbound marketing program. Successful marketers use email marketing to engage with leads who have downloaded educational content but aren’t yet ready to buy. Email marketing generally comes to play at the middle of your sales process, when buyers have an understanding of the problem your product or services solves and are working their way towards a purchase decision. Continue reading


5 Email Marketing List/Database Management Best Practices


Ever wondered how you should manage an email marketing list/database in your email marketing or marketing automation platform? Here is a list of 5 fantastic guides that can help you save a lot of time and make you smarter at email marketing database management! Continue reading

Mailing List Best Practices: Should You Buy Lists?

download-64Mailing lists can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. If you decide to take advantage of this particular tactic, you must decide whether to purchase a mailing list or create one of your own. As there are several pros and cons to each strategy, deciding which mailing list best practices will work may vary depending on your company and industry. Continue reading

The Golden Rule of List Management

LIST MANAGEMENT SERVICE.jpgThere are a number of schools of thought when it comes to email list management. One is that permission, once given, never expires. The other believes permission has a time limit of six months, a year, two years — everyone thinks something completely different when it comes to appropriate list hygiene. So what’s the best answer? Continue reading

Best Practices for List Management

email-list-managementBuilding an email list from the ground up can be extremely challenging.  Your list is an important part of your business, and it requires management and regular maintenance, including regular email list cleaning.   Most list owners are not even aware of the need for list cleaning.  You may be interested in knowing more about the best practices for list management and maintenance: Continue reading

Email List Management Best Practices

list-managementEmail can be a really effective marketing tool for brands. There is so much potential to increase ROI, gain exposure, build relationships with your customers and support existing advertising and marketing campaigns. However, brands can make the mistake of purchasing lists via third-party subscription forms; with the hopes that this will expose them to a wider database of potential customers. Continue reading