Right Message Right Person: What Is List Segmentation & How Can You Optimize It?

list segmentation.jpgIf you’ve got a larger or active email list that you’ve been marketing to but you want to improve conversion results from that list, Comm100 explains in this article what is list segmentation and how to segment your list into smaller, more targeted segments in order to drive higher conversions. Continue reading


Email List Hygiene: The Importance of Flossing Your Email List

email-list-hygiene_.pngEvery six months, when you go to the dentist, the reminder is echoed again. Good hygiene is important, and flossing your teeth daily is an important facet of maintaining that hygiene. The same premise of good hygiene can also be applied to marketing, and, more specifically, to your email list. And as I think about that analogy even more, I can’t stress enough the importance of flossing your email list. Practicing good list maintenance is essential to email list hygiene. Continue reading