Email Validation & Intelligence: A 1-2 Punch for Better Lead Nurturing

Marketers love lead nurturing. According to a recent Bizo survey, 94% of them 10025765-ic-ne-du-courrier-lectronique-et-de-conception-d-illustration-de-validationbelieve lead nurturing is integral to their overall marketing strategies. But what marketers love even more than lead nurturing is successful lead nurturing. Studies show timely, automated and personalized marketing messages are more successful in engaging customers than emails generated manually by marketers without consideration of customers’ needs. So how can you create these kinds of killer lead nurturing emails even if your list is riddled with stale emails or you don’t have the necessary data to personalize messages? That’s where Email Validation and Email Intelligence come in.

Remove Problem Emails with Email Validation

Lead nurturing programs generally begin by offering something of immediate value to web visitors, often in the form of an eBook or “how-to” guide from B2B companies or a discount from B2C companies. To receive the offer, visitors must give their email addresses (or more…). Ideally, they’ll enter the correct information every time; however, this isn’t the case.

You can’t have a successful lead nurturing program if your message never makes it to your recipients. An Email Validation service featuring Email Correction can find and fix typos, misspellings and other human errors in real-time. This helps prevent problem emails from ever making their way onto your list.

Just how clean is your data? Identify where your data requires attention, allowing you to choose which areas to improve.

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Using Email Intelligence for Improved Personalization

The more fields on your form, the more resistant leads may be to submitting their personal data. Giving their names and email addresses is one thing; giving their age, gender or income is something entirely different. It’s hard to find a happy balance between offering enough fields to really learn about your customers and offering few enough fields to prevent them from tiring and abandoning the form.

With an Email Intelligence service, you can collect data that goes beyond traditional demographics to include interests, purchasing behavior and even social media profiles. This targeted information can then be used to create specific content geared to the unique needs of leads as they move through the sales funnel.

It takes continued effort for a lead nurturing program to be a success. Validating emails through Email Validation will stop data entry errors from preventing your message from reaching leads, and capturing useful data through Email Intelligence will allow you to create meaningful messages for leads and customers.

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