Email List Hygiene: How Keep Your Lists Clean

The biggest challenge for email marketers today is the quality of email lists if double opt in policies are not followed. To improve email deliverability you need to reduce duplicate, invalid, dead and bogus emails and find deliverable emails in your active mailing list. listand2Email list cleaning and hygiene services help keep your email lists up-to-date. Here are tips to help you clean, maintain and grow your email list.

Start clean: A clean email list is necessary to email marketing success. Email list cleaning improves your email status and increases email deliverability by removing bad or dishonest email addresses from your list. You must get rid of invalid, non-responsive and duplicate email addresses every chance you get. Grow your email list the right way—by asking people to sign up for your content. One of the most effective ways to grow your mailing list is to host a webinar. You want to make sure your webinar provides high-value information to participants.

Remove role accounts: Remove role account from your mailing list. Send the mail only to the actual customers. Unbeknownst to most email marketers, role accounts can negatively affect a campaign. Role accounts sometimes have multiple people accessing them, thus increasing the likelihood of your emails being deleted or marked as spam. Get them off your list as fast as possible.

Just how clean is your data? Identify where your data requires attention, allowing you to choose which areas to improve.

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Remove bounces and invalids: It’s a waste to send to emails that simply bounce right back. Stay on top of bounce data and remove bad emails from your list. If you don’t want to continuously mail to invalid email addresses as this can have a negative impact on your metrics, especially your delivery rates.

Confirm subscriptions: Confirming your subscriptions is a time-tested way to ensure a healthy mailing list. It will automatically help to remove bad email addresses from you list immediately. The confirmation of subscription helps keep things clean. This means that you send a follow-up email to a subscriber asking them to confirm their email subscription. This ensures that you’re only emailing those who want to hear from you.

One way to keep your hygiene up to maximum within the ever-changing email system is to daily clean your lists. List cleaning has become a standard practice today for marketers and is a reflection of how our industry has progressed over the last decade. Email list cleaning and hygiene services help keep your email lists up-to-date.






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