Why Email List Hygiene is Still the Cure for Improving Deliverability

If I were to ask every email marketing professional his or her top headache-inducing email-laptop-computer-marketing-ss-1920challenge, I’m willing to bet it would have something to do with email deliverability. In 2014, Marketing Land reported 11% of permission-based email marketing campaigns were blocked and 6% ended up in people’s spam folders. With ISPs moving toward engagement-based filtering, in which specific subscriber signals determine how and Continue reading


The Why and How of Email List Segmentation

Email is the strongest owned marketing channel a business can leverage. It’s the preferred contact method for many customers and, given the ever-growing popularityblog-image2.jpg of mobile, most of us are only an arm’s length from our inboxes at any given time. But to truly harness the power of email, brands need to utilize email list segmentation. Continue reading

3 Reasons Hashed Emails are the Future of Marketing

A few times a decade, a trend emerges that changes the face of marketing. Over the last couple of years, we’ve heard a lot about industry buzz topics like personalization, email-marketing11attribution and multi-channel engagement. As these concepts continue to evolve, and mobile usage increases, marketers thirst for more and more customer data. Like crazed information junkies, we guzzle data by the gigabyte and still want more. Continue reading

Increase Your Conversion and Match Rates Through Data Hygiene Best Practices

We often see online marketers relying on risky assumptions about CRM data in their data decisioning processes. We’ve come to refer to these assumptions as “CRM Data Myths.” More on that in a moment, but the bottom line for everyone is clean data performs data-conversion-and-cleansing-250x250better.It is true that using data to drive exceptional marketing outcomes is a mixture of art and science. Continue reading

Benefits of Customized Merge/Purge

The term “merge/purge,” though frequently tossed around by direct marketers, is often both misunderstood and underused. Direct marketers have a lot to gain from Eclipse_Direct_Marketing_Email_Merge_Purgeunderstanding its many specialized facets and how project-level or customized merge/purge can put them in command of making their data achieve virtually any goal. It is important to remember that merge/purge is a general term that covers three basic processes: Continue reading

Five tips for getting the most out of your merge/purge

1.Segment as much as you can while maintaining measurable cell sizes.
Short of applying statistics for valid and reliable segment sizes, you can apply the Rule of data_cleaning_img02100s to setting cell sizes. This rule essentially suggests that to get a meaningful and repeatable result from a segment, you would like to be able to get 100 orders for that segment. This means that if you expect a 2 percent response from a segment, you would need to mail at least 5,000 names in that segment. Continue reading

Increase Engagement With List Segmentation

The most important tool you can use for targeted email campaigns is segmentation. downloadThisweek, we will take a more in-depth look at ways your email campaign can benefit from segmentation. First, to make everyone understands what segmentation is, it’s a procedure of splitting your email address list into different categories based on well-thought criteria. To put it bluntly, the purpose of segmentation is to send different email to different people. This is obviously a great opportunity for increasing the relevancy of your Continue reading